Workshop Implementation


2.1 Introduction

SSP Workshop is one of the activities that must be attended by PPG participants, in it contains about activities that include: Material deepening, curriculum analysis, analysis and development of syllabus, development of learning media, development of evaluation instruments, preparation of RPP for some essential topics adapted to the school level where PPG participants will conduct PPL. Workshop activities are conducted by participants under the guidance of guidance lecturers and pamong teachers who have been determined by the head of ppg program

2.2 Standard Operational Procedures

A. Participants contract ssp workshop courses

B. Participants participate in Plenary 1, among others: PpG general briefing and explanation; Brainstorming; Selection of themes/learning materials

C. Participants participated in the group discussion, among others: Synchronizing themes/learning materials with SK/KD; The strengthening of the material facilitated by guidance lecturers and teachers; Selection of approaches, methods, and learning strategies.

D. Pesesta participated in group/independent work, among others: Designing RPP, Compiling Learning Evaluation, Media And Learning Tools, Compiling Teaching Materials.

E. Participants follow Plenary 2, among others: Presentation of group/independent work results, input of guidance lecturers, teachers or peers.

F. Revision of RPP and Learning Tools

G. RPP approval by guidance lecturers and teachers pamong, to be application in peer teaching.