PPL Implementation


4.1 Introduction

Progran Field Experience (PPL) is one of the professional training of teacher educators and is a course that must be taken by ppg program students. The training is intended to prepare prospective teacher educators, namely coaching and training of professional teacher skills and other educational tasks in a guided and integrated manner to meet the requirements of the education profession.

The purpose of PPL is to train and nurture prospective teachers who are personal, professional, responsible, dedicated and responsible.

4.2 Standard Operational Procedures

POB PLP is prepared as a reference for PPG participants and advisers in carrying out the guidance process for PLP courses. The reference is as follows:

  • Students can join PLP if they have graduated from Subject Spessific Pedagogy (SSP) workshop.
  • Every student who will participate in PLP activities is required to contract plp course with weight of 4 SKS.
  • Lp Activities are carried out in the second half.
  • The implementation of PLP activities is coordinated by the Coordinator of PPG Mathematics.
  • Practicans can take the PLP exam if they have fulfilled at least 12 appearances.
  • PLP exam testers are guidance lecturers, outstanding lecturers, and principals or who represent them.

Practicum is declared to pass the final exam if it obtains a final score of at least 2.50.