PPG Competency Test

7. PPG Competency Test

7.1 Introduction

The final exam component consists of a writing exam and a performance exam. The writing exam is carried out by ppg implementation study program in this case Mathematics Education study program. Performance exams are carried out by PPG programs involving professional organizations and/or professional and relevant external parties.

7.2 Standard Operating Procedures

  • PPG participants have conducted PPL exams, with a minimum of 12 RPP implemented.
  • PPG participants take the performance exam by implementing one revised RPP, this exam is attended by members of professional organizations and/or external pihal who are professional and relevant, in accordance with the schedule that has been arranged by the chief executive of the program.

PPG participants take writing exams, with instruments that reflect pedagogic, professional, social and personality competencies. Instruments are arranged by the instrument development team.