Participant Recruitment


1.1 Introduction

The recruitment of participants aims to obtain participants of PPG mathematics for pre-office and in office, which is estimated through the education of this profession participants can develop themselves in academic competencies, pedagogy, social interaction and personality so as to become professional mathematics teachers and be responsible in carrying out their professional duties.

1.2 Standard Operational Procedures

1.2.1 Prospective PPG participants who can participate in the selection are participants who have izajah S-1/D-4 from the study program:

  • Mathematics Education Study Program
  • Mathematics Study Program
  • A similar Study Program

1.2.2 Administration selection of prospective ppg participants in mathematics

  • Administrative selection of prospective ppg participants in mathematics in the office is carried out by the City/District Education Office working where candidates are in charge and working with UPI
  • Administrative selection of pre-office mathematics PPG participants is carried out by UPI (sent by the Education Office) or pre-office
  • If the prospective participants meet the administrative requirements, then the selection is followed by academic selection conducted by UPI and the Mathematics Education Study Program.
  • Participants who are accepted from S1/D4 Mathematics or who are as complex or graduates of S1 Mathematics Education who do not meet academic qualifications, are required to participate in matriculation program.
  • The number of participants received is based on quota stipulated by the Ministry of National Education and academic data of prospective participants.