Development of PTK and KTI

6. Development of PTK And KTI

6.1 Introduction

A Scientific Paper (KTI) is a paper composed based on the writings, essays, statements, or ideas of others. KTI is organized based on facts, events, symptoms, opinions or ideas that do not constitute fiction or fantasy. Class Action Research (PTK) is one of the Scientific Papers.

PTK is a collaborative and participatory form of research. This means that PPG participants do not conduct research on their own, but collaborate and participate with colleagues or colleagues who are interested in research issues, for example with tutors and mentoring lecturers from PPG-hosted LPTK, in improving curriculum, performance improvement, or professional development.

Research activities for most teachers in Indonesia have not been as popular in developed countries such as the United States, Australia, The United Kingdom, and Japan. In fact, problem-based thinking activities, reviewing, and following up through practice are activities that need to be cultured in learning activities in schools. Through class action research teachers have the opportunity to develop themselves in accordance with their abilities through the activities of reviewing and following up on problems based on their potential, applying the findings of assessment results, reflective and innovative thinking, and being skilled in answering various challenges in learning activities. Consequently, teachers who are able to develop themselves through these activities will become critical, systematic, and creative teachers in carrying out quality learning. As a result, direct teacher involvement through an action that can improve the teacher’s understanding of the teaching process, so that it will create reliable teachers, and be able to innovate to improve the quality of education. In other words, professional teachers will be born who are able to produce high standard productsand areable to speak in the global arena.

6.2 Standard Operational Procedures

The Standard Operational Procedure (POB) was prepared as a reference for PPG participants and advisers in carrying out the process of mentoring the preparation of Scientific Papers (KTI) based on the results of Class Action Research (PTK) in schools where PPL collaborates with teachers pamong. This POB contains mechanisms in the preparation of KTI in the Professional Program of Teachers of the Department of Mathematics Education FPMIPA UPI, so that kti can be generated that can be responsible scientifically and quality. The mechanism of preparation of KTI is as follows:

  1. Students who have met the academic requirements to contract kti courses.
  2. Students face the Scientific Papers coordinator to apply for the title of PTK.
  3. The determination of mentors I and II is taken from the guidance lecturers and teachers of the partner schools.
    • PTK guidance is authorized using a Decree (SK) from the dean proposed by the Head of Department, with a validity period of 2 semesters.
    • Students draft ptk proposals under the guidance of guidance lecturers with a maximum guidance period of 1 semester with a minimum guidance prequel of 8 times for each mentor.
    • After the proposal is approved and signed by the guidance lecturer, the student registers with the Scientific Papers coordinator for the proposal seminar.
    • Improvement of PTK proposal the seminar results were submitted to ppg implementation chairman.
    • PPG participants who are declared to pass ptk proposal seminar, then complete PTK under the guidance of the maximum guidance lecturer for 1 semester.
    • The process of mentoring the preparation of PTK until allowed to participate in the seminar of research results has at least carried out guidance 8 times for each guiding lecturer.
    • After the PTK report is deemed adequate by being signed by the two guiding lecturers, the student distributes the results of his research.
    • Students submit research reports and articles of scientific work to the Department of Mathematics Education.