Competency Exam Workshop Results


3.1 Introduction

Workshop activities end with the implementation of competency test wokshop results for each PPG participant. Competency test workshop results are intended to look at the competency of PPG participants in terms of Pedadogik Specific Subject.

3.2 Standard Operational Procedures

  • Participants can take the competency test of workshop results if they have participated in all series of workshops, namely: Plenary 1, Group discussion, Group/independent work, Plenary 2, Have revised rpp.
  • PPG participants take competency test workshop results include: SSP Competency Test which includes teaching and learning materials; Competency test on PTK.
  • PpG’s Chief Executive assigns lecturers to examine competency test results.
  • Ppg’s chief executive conducted an analysis of data related to the results of the SSP workshop.