KBK Mathematics Education



Courses : Mathematics Education

Course : Mathematics

1. Basic Thinking

The need for a foundation that is used as a guideline in designing and carrying out activities in each KBK.

2. Legal Basis

Foundations of sop group constituent skilled areas:

– Curriculum (core provisions of program structure) UPI

– UPI Academic Guidelines

– UPI renstra

3. SOP Objectives

This SOP is structured to serve as a foundation for activities related to algebraic, analytical, statistical, computer, and applied expertise groups. In this SOP, the provisions of KBK duties and functions, the selection procedure and the requirements of becoming kbk coordinator, how KBK activities are implemented, and kbk work program.

4. KBK Tasks and Functions

  • KBK is tasked to assist the Department of Mathematics Education in implementing all planned programs.
  • KBK serves to facilitate and help develop the interest of lecturers and students in studying the mathematics that is inside.

5. Membership and Selection Procedure of KBK Coordinator

  • A particular kbk member is a lecturer who teaches courses that are in a particular group of areas of expertise.
  • A lecturer is allowed to be a member of more than one KBK.
  • The KBK coordinator is selected from one of the KBK members.
  • KbK coordinators are not allowed to concurrently hold the position of coordinator.
  • Kbk coordinator is selected once every 4 years.
  • The position of coordinator of KBK is held 2 consecutive positions, and can be re-elected after one replacement period.

6. KBK Work Program

  • Each KBK develops a work program at least once a semester.
  • Each KBK carries out a work program that has been prepared with the support and supervision of the head of the department and the head of the study program.
  • The work program is designed to increase the activities of lecturers in their KBK and help students in improving their skills optimally.