KKTI (Scientific Writing Competition) Final Stage

After passing the selection stage, finally selected 5 finalists who are eligible to participate in the presentation stage. The 5 finalists are:

1. Yanti Nenobahan and Denti V. E. Nuban with the title The Role of “Mountains and Valleys” as a Tool in Learning the Summation of Integers by GASING Method (GAmpang, aSyIk, and MenyenaNGkan).

2. Ingri Lalan and Limson Putislutut with the title Usefulness of The Concept of Place Value in Multiplication of Numbers Two Numbers with Two Numbers with GASING Method (GAmpang, aSyIk, and sipping).

3. Reni Cahya Permana and Euis Masripa with the title Mathematics in Feature Morphing Techniques.

4. Jhon Hendry T. and Handis Setioko with the title Of Application of GASING Method (GAmpang, aSyIk, and mennaNGkan) in Teaching The Concept of Division for Grade III Elementary School Students.

5. Ramdania and Fatiah Iqlimah with the title Concept of The Golden Ratio to the Structure of the Human Body.

The Presentation Stage was held on Saturday, November 17, 2012 with the venue located in room E405 with the jury being Drs. H. Sufyani Prabawanto, M.Ed., Dr. Sumanang Muhtar Gozali, M.Si., and Utari Wijayanti, S.Kom., M.Si.

The prize will be presented to the winner at the close of GMM on November 25, 2012.