Info Gema Mathematics Students (GMM) 2011

For schools that have registered to participate in GMM 2011 activities, here is some information from the committee:

Click here to view CCM’s Terms and Regulations

Click here to view CTM’s Terms and Regulations

Click here to see the material to be contested in CTM

Click here to find out the place of implementation of allowance 1 CTM

Click here to view math games terms and regulations

Click here to download the brochure file and registration form GMM 2011

For more information, please contact:

CTM : Nilah Karnilah (085624104939)
CCM : Ati Yuliati (085224328831)
Math Games : Ida Maryam (085222139912)
KKTI : Malinda Putrietis (085721024252)

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