Mission Vision of Mathematics Education Program


Mathematics Education Study Program as a Pioneering and Superior study program in Mathematics Education at the national

level, as well as internationally recognised


  1. Prepare Candidate Educators and education personnel Math outstanding, creative, superior, ProfessionalDan global competitiveness;

  2. Develop innovative and cutting-edge

    research in the field of Mathematics Education

    as the foundation of the educational process and



  3. Develop community service




    Education research results;

  4. Develop the internationalization of Mathematics Education through the development of networks and partnerships at the national and international


  5. Empower all resources by utilizing information and communication technology (ICT) engineering.


  1. Produce a Bachelor of Mathematics Education who has a personality, achievement, creative, superior, professional, and global competitiveness, and is able to collaborate and compete in the field of mathematics education;

  2. Conducting Mathematics Education research relevant to the development of science and technology so that educational innovations, learning, and research will be generated in the field of Mathematics Education;

  3. Carrying out community service and activities based on research results in Mathematics Education;

  4. To conduct cooperation with various institutions in the country and abroad to improve the recognition of lecturers and students on an international scale in the field of education and research;

  5. Empowering lecturers and students to utilize information and communication technology engineering (ICT) in learning and research.