The Department of Mathematics Education was first established in 1963 as the Department of Definitive Sciences based in the Faculty of Teaching and Exakta Sciences (FKIE). In 1972, the Department of Mathematics became the Department of Mathematics Education. In 1983 FKIE changed its name to FPMIPA (Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Education).

Along with the wider mandate held by UPI, in 1998 the Department of Mathematics Education opened a new study program, namely the Mathematics Study Program, so that until now the Department of Mathematics Education overshadowed two courses, namely the Mathematics Education Study Program and the Mathematics Study Program. Graduated from the bachelor's degree in Mathematics, while the graduate of the Mathematics study program holds a Bachelor of Mathematics (S.Mat.).

To deepen understanding, the Mathematics Study Program has four concentrations that students can choose from at the final level. The four concentrations are Analysis, Algebra, Statistics, and Applied. Starting in 2014, the UPI Department of Mathematics Education was renamed the UPI Department of Mathematical Education.