Geometry Apprenticeship

FPMIPA UPI Mathematics Education Department has the arrival of a lecturer from STKIP Padang, Mulia Suryani, S.Pd., M.Pd. The Arrival of Mulia aims to participate in geometry internship activities for a full two months, from October 21, 2013 to December 20, 2013. In the activity, Mulia participated in lectures, practicum, and discussions on Geometry given by geometry lecturers in the Department of Mathematics Education. While at UPI, he made the most of his time visiting places around campus, such as the Library, Kulikuratorium, and other places. In addition to internships, Mulia also had the opportunity to participate in ‘Basic Statistical Training for Educational Research’ organized by Computer Laboratorim and Mathematics Study Program.


Her Majesty’s impression of this internship is fun, lots of useful knowledge, lots of new people, and a new culture. Hopefully what is gained in this internship activity can be an inspiration in developing geometry lectures when Mulia returns to STKIP Padang.