Hello Everyone! How important do you think cadreization is for an organization?? Yes, of course cadreization is very important for the running of an organization whether it is a student organization or a community to create cadres who excel and dare as holders of leadership relay sticks in the future. Well, of course BEM Himatika …

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1st Postulat

Postulat (Muslimat Mathematics Friendship Program) 2021 BEM Mathematics Student Association ‘Identika’ UPI, on Friday, July 9, 2021, held a friendly activity titled ‘Hijab the Best – Gift from Allah’. Speakers in this activity is Adhisty Khoerunisa, author and founder of @hi.puan. This activity was attended by more than 60 participants who were not only from …

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Graduation Period III Year 2020

                On Tuesday, October 13, 2020, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, has conducted an online graduation ceremony   through a video conference   zoom. All academic community of the Ministry of Mathematics Education congratulates the graduates of period III in 2020. 55 of them are graduates from the Department of …

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Depdikmat Achievement Students 2020

  Congratulations to FPMIPA UPI students, for their achievements at the National and International level achieved in July to September 2020. The 26th International Mathematics Competition Honorable Mention: For Nabil Mahatir and Muhammad Thoriq, from the Mathematics and Mathematics Education Program KNMIPA (National Competition for Mathematics and Natural Sciences) 2020 Alhamdulillah, two students of the …

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Surala UPI’s 3rd Birthday

On the 3rd anniversary, February 1, 2020. UPI’s Surala Class spouts Counting Race with race results: ğŸŽ– General Champion: Syahda Shiny Arsyaira ğŸŽ– Summation Category Champion: Lasheera Zikka Lutfi ğŸŽ–A reduction category: Najla Marwa Abdi Nugraha ğŸŽ– Multiplication Category Champion: Shalsabila Noer Shaqqiena