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>> Welcoming the 2nd Batch of Graduates of the Mathematics Education Department

The Department of Mathematics Education of UPI would like to congratulate all mathematics students who have completed their undergraduate studies as bachelor’s degrees, 2, and 3. Hopefully the success that has been achieved can be a provision to navigate the professional world and spread benefits in the future.

Cadreization? Do?

  Perhaps many are astonished and still wonder why there should be cadreization in every organization. Whether it’s in organizations on campus or community organizations must have a system called cadreization. What is the importance of cadreization to the organization? Cadreization can be likened to the heart of an organizational system, without cadreization it can …

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About COVID-19  

>> UPI Math Science Club Data

Data Science Club is a study group for UPI Mathematics students formed by Gamatika and DSI (Data Science Indonesia). This activity was formed on the basis of the needs of the world of work that entered the era of Industry 4.0, where the demand for data scientists increased but the skilled workforce in the field …

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Ramadan Edition Newsletter

  Download Magazines Produced BEM Himatika ‘Identika Upi’ By Azifah Aulia and Hanifatul Hasna

>> ‘Kelas Surala UPI’ Third Birthday

On the 3rd anniversary, February 1, 2020. UPI’s Surala Class spouts Counting Race with race results: 🎖 General Champion: Syahda Shiny Arsyaira 🎖 Summation Category Champion: Lasheera Zikka Lutfi 🎖A reduction category: Najla Marwa Abdi Nugraha 🎖 Multiplication Category Champion: Shalsabila Noer Shaqqiena  


Bem hiu bandung on Sunday, July 7, 2019 held a thanksgiving event at mizan amanah orphanage. The activity is called theorm, which is an activity carried out in order to graduate mathematics students at UPI. Theorm is divided into 2 different sets of activities. First, before graduation and secondly on graduation day. The first activity …

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>> MaG-D (Mathematic Analysis & Geometry Day) XII 2019

Itb Analysis and Geometry Expertise Group (KKAG) for the twelfth time held theTroubleshooting Analysis and Geometry (MaG-D XII 2019). The competition will be held Friday-Saturday, April 12-13, 2019 at Multipurpose Hall CRCS ITB Building, 3rd floor. Analysis and Geometry Problem Solving Competition, divided into three stages. In phase 1, all participants worked on multiple choice …

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ONMIPA Region Selection 2019

On March 26-27, 2019, UPI’s Department of Mathematics Education sent student representatives to the PHASE II ON MIPA selection event organized by Kemristekdikti. Participants who pass the regional selection will proceed to the national selection level, where 64 students will be selected for the highest grades in each field. Congratulations to Maisuri Pratiwi Suwardy (Mathematics …

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